AbstractThe obviously, the culture of Korean is like

AbstractThe word Hallyu was used firstly by a Chinese reporter in 1999 and that represents the amazing speed of Korean pop culture developing and spreading. The paper is to study the factors making the Korean wave form in Asia and how its appeal has impacted China. For the first part, there are mainly three reasons why the Korean wave is so popular. They are respectively the excellent making of the cultural products, the support from government and the satisfaction to audience demands. Due to the culture property of the wave, its impact to China is in many aspects of daily life or indicated by the behavior of people. What is more, it can be traced to the values, life goal and the thinking level. IntroductionDuring the years, obviously, the culture of Korean is like a huge wave on the sea, having a powerful and extensive influence all over the world, especially in Asia, which is called Hallyu or Korean wave. Nowadays, words of Korean culture such asSouth Korean TV soaps , kimchee and Hanbox, are very familiar to Chinese people. Of course, they are not the entire sources of the wave because South Korean culture indeed has many aspects that won the fondness of the public. On the one hand, it proved the strong vitality of Korean native culture. On the other hand, Europe and America culture monopoly were facing a big challenge in Asia market. It would be very meaningful to discuss the factors of Korean wave springing up and the causeshow it impacted China. Excellent makingThe wave that started with TV serials in 1990s developed itself successfully and got quite good responses (Younghan, 2011). The Korean dramas are made of brilliant storylines, elaborate props and costumes all the time, that is the basis of TV soaps to attract so many eyes of audience. One of the famous South Korean screenwriter named Kim Young Hyun have won various scenarist prizes by her scripts. Her outstanding drama Dae Jang Geum which made a royal court of South Korea in sixteenth Century in a flowing story rhythm and includes many kinds of exquisite palace clothes, delicacy and architecture have attracted interests of people from the whole world (Jang and Paik, 2012). Moreover, these soap operas also have the extremely high prime cost?the palmary directors and strict making schedule plans, which are the indispensable support to the attractive performance of TV plays based on their scripts. Support from governmentThe support form the South Korea government is very overt in Hallyu. A point of view that the base of South Korea in twenty-first Century were high and new technologies and the culture industry was put by the Korean ex-president Kim Dae-Jung. The South Korean government sponsored the record companies, printed a variety of foreign language brochures and supported music programs for developing and exporting the Korean culture?Kim?2016?. In 2004, the Korean cultural industry has become the second largest foreign exchange-earning industry next to automobile manufacturing; By 2013, the cultural industry even accounted for 15% of South Korea’s GDP, that shows the South Korea’s great attention to the culture. The satisfaction to audience demandsWith the development of the economy and the change of politics environment in Asia, sorts of new audience demand appear in mass market and the pursuit of personality emancipation and a good life was widely encouraged, while the tidal current have successfully catered to them. Kim declared that the fast economic progress in Asia have increased the needs to mass culture, and that offered a opportunity to Hallyu because of the deficiency of culture productions in many Asia countries. Furthermore, there are also some political demands or thoughts raised by Korean trend. Oh(2009) stated that Hallyu portrayed a kind of new female image, succeeding in causing sympathetic response of women for the feminist theory. It can be said that the Korean stream embodies a cultural value which is suitable or feasible for current Asia at full speed of developing. The influence to the daily life and the behavior The influence of the culture has entered the daily life of the Chinese people, showed by sorts of details around everywhere and known through quite a few famous Korea brands like Mind Bridge and VOV. And there are also Korean food, perform face-lifting, Korean pop songs and Korean dramas as the power source of the culture to develop itself in China. It is usual that the subjects buy Korean products and that deal could lead to the change of behavior, such as making them planning to travel to Korea or learning the language of Korea(Li, 2006) . Besides, although the Korea referred to the outcomes of china culture, they indeed made their own growth on that, for instance the tea ceremony of Korea which have the distinct distinction with Chinese tea art. The influence in mindIn addition, the effect of Korean TV plays is found in the values and attitude as well. It is sometimes a desire to money, luxury cars, elite housing and so on and is a sense of self value or liberation of personality. Some of these impacts from foreign countries including Korea are even deemed as the warning sign of the concussion of the material desire by the China government(Kim, 2011) . Nevertheless, the truth, kindness, beauty, various virtues and a positive and optimistic spirit are also presented in the main parts of these TV products. No matter whether the impression is positive or negative, for the young watching these dramas and feeling the Korean wave from small to large, the influence always exists. ConclusionThe excellent making attitude for the products is the base of the reputation of the Hallyu, while the high position raised by South Korea offers the trend a strong backing and a wide space of market. At the same time, the Asia market also shows a lot of demand for the Korean soaps because it is really clicked with several big parts of audience, so that the Korean culture made that a phenomenon called Korean wave. For how the wave affects China, it uses the outstanding cultural productions to occupy the daily life and the brilliant dramas to output thoughts. They are the reasons that Hallyu caused that temperature in China, and also the whole world.


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