Cancer (1.7 million), and colorectum cancer (1.4 million)

Cancer is one of the most pressing issues facing the world of public health today, and it could be affected different age group and both genders.  As the focus on the improving detection, diagnosis, treatment that helps to contain this health problem.  In 2012, around 8.2 million mortalities worldwide as a result of cancer (IARC, 2013).  Additionally, some types of cancers might be diagnosed, while other types might cause death.  According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, lung cancer (1.8 million), breast cancer (1.7 million), and colorectum cancer (1.4 million) were the most common causes of cancers globally in 2012.  While, the main reason for cancer mortality globally were lung cancer (1.6 million), liver cancer (0.8 million), and stomach cancer (0.7 million) (IARC, 2013).  According to statistics, lung cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer in both genders and the most common form of cancers leading to death.  For this reason, it should be reduced of lung cancer by decreased of tobacco consumed.  In contrast, the breast cancer is the second cancer prevalence worldwide, but as an illustration, breast cancer is not the most cause of death in men and women globally.  However, breast cancer is the most cause of cancer among 6.3 million women in 2012 (IARC, 2013). Since 2008, the percentage of breast cancer incidence was the highest increase of 20%, whereas the breast cancer death scientifically rose near 14% (IARC, 2013).       According to the IARC data, showed that the rapid altering in the style of living in the developing countries socially and economically leads to increased cancer incidence.  Moreover, the rate of cancer depends on some factors generative, nutritional, and hormonal (IARC, 2013).  Therefore, on the most areas of the globe cancer incidence rate was rose, but the most rate of cancer was rising in the developed counties, while the death rate is comparatively greater in poor counties due to the late of diagnosing and medication deficiency (IARC, 2013).         In addition, In the USA, every year several of cancer institutes were collected facts about cancer incidence, death, and survival, so that could be detected causes related of cancer incidence and cancer mortality in the United State.  Therefore, the total of new cancer cases in 2014 was 1,665,640, while the cancer mortality was 585,720 in each state in the USA (Siegel et al., 2014).  Accordingly, from 2006 to 2010, the data showed that the rate of cancer incidence was decreased in males by 0.6% each year, and was the constant rate in females.  As well as, cancer mortality rates declined by 1.8% each year in males and 1.4% each year in female (Siegel et al., 2014).  As a result, the significance of the decreased of the cancer death rate depend on the main factors by age, racial/ethnic group, and gender (Siegel et al., 2014).  To illustration, the average of cancer death between white females and black males were completely different, which is white females no decreased between aged 80 years and older that, while in black males were declined among 40 years and 49 years. As a result, the biggest decline was in the black men in 10-year age group (Siegel et al., 2014).     For my point of view, there are several of researchers achieve every year globally to discover advanced treatment of cancer to protect humanity from diseases. Obviously, cancer control could help to survival humans through the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.  consequently, early detection of cancers plays an important role in cancer cure.  All in all, people have to educate about the risk of cancers, and the importance of early detection of cancer which that it could help them to survival.  


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