CHAPTER have to face many texts either long



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            The first chapter
present background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the
study, scope and limitation of the study, hypothesis, significance of the
study, and definition of key term.


Background of the Srudy

English is taught and learnt from elementary school until university. The
objective of teaching English is clearly stated in English curriculum 2013,
that the students are intented to have the English ability ini Reading,
Listening, Speaking and Writing.

 Language is the gear of communication, to make
people able to connect with others. They talk and share their thought in every
time using language. The language that people use to communicate must be the
same in order to make them be able to understand what their partner is talking
about. When people go overseas, they have to know the language of that country
in order to speak with other person, that’s why English has become the
international language. Parida in her book stated that, “the language deserves
to be a world language is it helps linking human across countries” Parida
(2007:2) according to that opinion, English can be said as the world language because
it can link people across countries.

 To master English people must learn about
grammar first. They should know more about vocabulary, how they put it into a
sentence and use it to express their thought and feeling. Grammar is a set of
rules of a language. Every language has its own grammar. Based on Rodney
Huddleston and Geoffrey K. Pullum (2005:1), grammar deals with the sentences’
form and the smaller units, such as clauses, phrases, and words.

In addition,
the students often had difficulties due to they have to face many texts either
long or short, that have to be read and be understood by them in limited time
in reading activities. According to Jeremy Harmer in his book (1991:190),
reading is a training which the eyes and the brain are dominated: while the
eyes receive messages, the brain has to exercise the meaning of these messages
It means that in reading, the reader needs to focus and concentrate due to the
exercise in understanding the text is a complicated activity which needs the
eyes -to read the text- and the brain -to process the meaning of text at the
same time. The main goal of reading activities is reading comprehension.
Reading comprehension is an ultimate goal in reading. Without comprehension of
a text that has been read, reading is nothing. In getting comprehension in
reading something, it needs complicated process which is related to the
readers’ abilities in reading. The abilities in reading influence the readers
in understanding the texts or signs. As Larry Lewin had stated in his book
(2003:2), reading comprehension is an activity which is so complex due to the
mind which works so hard to understand the written language while the eyes
which move smoothly over the printed words.

Grammar has
important role in learning English, so it also has a big influence to reading
comprehension ability. People who want to get a text message have to know about
how the text is form or they will not able to have a complete understanding
about what the writer was mean. If they do not master grammar well, they will
have difficulty mastering reading comprehension too.

comprehension is also an achievement resulting from the knowledge of grammar
and relationships between words in a sentence. Grammar mastery is also an
important aspect because it is an aspect supporting the comprehension of the
text. Knowledge of grammar is important in comprehension because complexity of
grammar can cause difficulty.

Based on Fromkin and Rodman that had
been stated by Darmono (2013: 25-26) in his article they stated that to
understand the nature of language, it is a must for student to understand the
nature of this internalized, unconscious set of rules which is part of every
grammar of every language. Grammar has important
part in successful of language student; it involves the successful of reading
comprehension. In reading comprehension, the students should acquire what the
writers’ messages completely. By understanding the sentence structures, they
will acquire the complete messages of the writer’s idea due to their
understanding of how to put the words into sentences that means it ease them to
understand the meaning of the texts.

Zahra Akbari (2014: 125) stated in his
article that while reading a text, once the students study how to use syntactic
structures in a text, their comprehension is significantly promoted.
Furthermore, it permits them to get detailed reading comprehension, deepen
their understanding and increase their reading speed. As a result, they will
have a sense of self satisfaction, enjoy in reading English texts and are
eventually encouraged to follow up the process of English learning. It seems
that by learning about sentence structures the students will recognize easily
the main ideas, supporting details and the part of speech that ease them
understanding the meaning of the sentences in the texts completely, which is it
is a long and complicated sentences. Then, they will get enjoy reading intended
for understanding the texts easily and if they have often used their knowledge
of sentence structure (grammar), they can increase their reading comprehension.

Based on some
research above, in this thesis the researcher plans to know about the
correlation between grammar achievements to the reading comprehension
achievement, especially to the 4th semester students’ English
education of X University


Statement of the Problem

According to the Background of the study above, the researcher has
some problems which are going to be answered as follows:

Is there a
significant correlation between students’ grammar achievement and reading comprehension
achievement of the 4th semester students’ English education of X

Objective of the Study

Based on the
statement of the problems above, the researcher has purpose:

The correlation between students’
grammar achievement and reading comprehension achievement of the 4th
semester students’ English education of X University


Scope and Limitation of the Study

Limitation is
very useful for the researcher. It is used to determine the problems that will
be analyzed. In this study, the researcher only tries to explain a correlation between
students’ grammar achievement and reading comperhension achievement of the 4th
semester students’ English education of X University It is also limited of documentation
(Score of grammar and reading comprehension of the students at 4th
semester students’ English education of X University that the researcher gets
from English teacher at X university.)



Since there is
always a possibility that the result of the study will show on relationship
between the variables, the hypothesis is stated in the following

hypothesis that there is no correlation between students’ grammar achievement
and reading comprehension achievement of the 4th semester students’
English education of X University

one that there is correlation between students’ grammar achievement and reading
comprehension achievement of the 4th semester students’ English
education of X University






Significant of the Study

In this study,
there are two kinds of significant of the study, namely theoritically and


result of the research can be used as the reference for those who want to
conduct a research in English teaching learning process.

add the body of knowledge about the theory of grammar avhievement and reading


will improve both teacher and students’ ability to solve their problem to
master English especially in grammar and reading

research can get large knowledge about learning and communication in apllying
or using it, especially in reading teaching learning.

This study is expected to have a significant contribution in
quality improvement of the language teaching. In particular, it is expected to
be a very useful input for foreign language teachers in teaching grammar. It is
also hoped that the result of the study can help the students to find
alternative ways to improve their comprehenshion in reading.


Definition of Key Terms

In order to
lead the reader of the study to be a better understanding of it, the researcher
will explain the definition of the main terms. Those are:

achievement is the way to achieve/receipt a set of rules of a language.

is action or skill of reading written or printed matter in narrative, recount,
task, etc.

is the action or capability of understanding something.


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