CS101Introduction heart to all those persons who constantly

CS101Introduction to ComputingRequired3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)ENG101English ComprehensionRequired3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)MTH302Business Mathematics & StatisticsRequired3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)PSY101Introduction to PsychologyRequired3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)PAK301Pakistan StudiesRequired2 (Theory:2, Practical:0)ETH201Ethics (for Non-Muslims)Elective1 (Theory:1, Practical:0)ISL201Islamic StudiesElective1 (Theory:1, Practical:0) Semester No. 2Course CodeTitleTypePre RequisiteCredit HoursSpecializationECO401EconomicsRequired3 (Theory:3, Practical:0)ENG201Business and Technical English WritingRequiredE


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I  am  very 
pleased  to  express 
my  profound  sentiments 
of  gratitude  to 
all  who  rendered 
their  Valuable  help 
for  the  successful 
completion  of  this 
project  report  titled, 
“Effect of  job training on employee’s performance”  on a multination Food and  Beverage company that is  Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

 I  record 
my  deep  sense 
of  gratitude  to  the
officials in  HR & Admin department,   Engineering 
Department  and  in 
Supply  Chain  of 
Nestle Pakistan Ltd that has given me a 
chance to do a project under this roof of Nestle Pakistan Company and given
opportunity to  work  under 
their  guidance.  I 
would  also  like 
to  thank  sincerely 
from  the  deep 
of  my  heart to all those persons who constantly
guided me and gave me the practical knowledge and materials  of the subject. My sense of gratitude goes to
my university that gave me a chance to brighten my academic qualification that
provided me this opportunity to have a practical knowledge of relevant fields.

 I would finally
like to thank all employees of Nestle Pakistan for their kind cooperation,
guidance and support which lead us to right direction of our research of that












main objective of that project study is to understand that to check the
relationship between employees performance through on job training.  This 
study  used  a 
sample  of Food Manufacturing firm
that is Nestle Pakistan Ltd to test the relationship between  on job 
training  to  employees 
(OJT)  and  its  impact on employees’ performance.  The 
results  of  the 
employee  development  model 
revealed  a  significant 
positive relationship between on job training and employee performance. On
Job training program differs from traditional training programs which address
key functions, systems, and responsibilities, of the job and which are directly
effects the KPI’s of Management. Training on-the-job by colleagues or by
learning-by-doing has significant importance in the development of the
employees.  The project paper is
quantitative in nature. Data for the 
paper  have  been 
collected  through  primary 
source  that  are 
from  questionnaires  surveys. The data have been checked through
statistical software to find the effect of on job training to increase the employees’ performance. There was
variable Performance (Dependent) and on job training of employees (Independent)
variable.  The  goal 
was  to  see 
whether  Training   has 
an  impact on employees’ performance.  Data were analyzed and discussed.










Table of Contents

Acknowledgment ——————————————————————–1

Abstract ——————————————————————————-2

CHAPTER 1 ————————————————————————-6

        1.1 Introduction ——————————————————————————6

        1.2 Background of the Project

        1.3 Objectives———————————————————————————09


        1.5 Conceptual

        1.6 Variables———————————————————————————-12

Chapter 2

Literature Review ——————————————————————


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