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I believe this world without technology is same as keeping a fish alive without water. Technology is used in every part of our life. Our life would be very hard without technology. I believe technology has always been a positive effect and has helped improve our life. There are uncountable reasons why I believe in technology. However, I have three great reasons why I believe in technology. First, technology helps us to communicate with another faster and easier. Second, I believe technology has a significant positive effect on the student’s life. Lastly, technology helps many people stay alive. Technology also gives people a new life and a new way of living. I believe without technology, our life would not be this easy as today.Since the day technology was invented it has changed the way we communicate with another. Technology has made communication much easier. Today one of our biggest preferred method of communication is through the internet. The internet has been around for more than 35 years. Throughout the year, they invented social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Many people use Facebook to communicate with friends and family members that are around the world. According to Google, “one billion People are active on Facebook”. Back then there was no texting or emailing. There were no such things as smartphones or computers. Instead, people had to go see them in person or send a letter through the mail which takes days to arrive. Now a day we don’t have to wait hours just to talk to a friend or a family member. Today communication is that simple, we can just pick up our phone and call or we can simply open our laptop and start texting or talking to a friend through social media which is much easier and faster way to communicate. Communication would be very difficult without technology.I believe technology makes student’s life easier. Today, many students use laptops and smartphones to help them be successful throughout their high school and college journey. I believe technology makes educational learning life faster and easier. Now a day’s students can get any information on the internet. Technology has made it so much easier for students to get educational information for homework and classroom assignments. There are many educational games which help students who have difficulties learning things. There are search engines like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. I can simply use one of those search engines to find any information. Technology is very helpful for the projects that are given in school. For example, if I needed to know about a country I can easily Google it for the information. If I miss a class I don’t have to worry about getting an F on an assignment. I can just go directly to the teacher’s website and find all the information that I missed. If there was no technology all this would be impossible.I believe technology is good for our health. There are a lot of people in the world who should be dead due to their sickness, but are still alive because of technology. There are many devices that are created to help to cure many diseases. According to Google one of the devices that were created to cure for motion sickness is called relief band. According to the Google motion sickness is “Illness caused by motion during travel.” Basically, if you have been a victim of this disease you can’t sit in a car for more than 10 minutes without feeling sick. However, if you have a relief band on you can travel without being sick. Not only this, but there are many other devices that are in the patient’s body to help them stay alive. With technology, doctors are able to do things like X-ray and MRI. X-ray and MRI help doctor find more information about their patient’s sickness. Technology also helps make a better quality of life for the people who are around the clock cares. Without technology, this would not be possible.In conclusion, I believe technology is our future. I have used technology for four years now and I love it. I came from Nepal. Nepal is a very beautiful and well-developing country, however, I lived in a small village where there were no such things as computers and smartphones. If I needed to talk to a teacher or a friend I had to walk hours to their home. When I came to this country everything was much easier. I could talk to my friends when I wanted. All the sudden everything becomes so simple in life. Without technology, I can’t imagine being happy in life. Be thankful for how technology has improved your life.  


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