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In response to North Korea’s missile tests, the United Nations Security Council has approved extremely strict sanctions on it. Under the new restrictions, North Korea’s petroleum imports will drop by 90 percent.North Korea’s main trading partner China and Russia also voted in favour of the US proposal.North Korea already has many more restrictions of the United States, EU and the United Nations.Since 2008, North Korea has been imposing a number of restrictions such as forfeiture of property of citizens and companies, restrictions on the export of goods and services, since 2008.Export of petroleum products to North Korea will decreaseAfter the passage of the latest restrictions, the American envoy Nicky Haley has said that they have been given a clear message to North Korea that if they do not accept it further, they will be punished and isolated.Nicky Haley said, “Before the restrictions imposed earlier, the export of petroleum products to North Korea was cut by 55 percent, today we have further increased this cut.”He further said, “After the launch of the Missile launch in North Korea in September, this council allowed the petroleum products to go to North Korea. But since today’s proposal, the import of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products by the Kim Government is 89% In spite of this, if North Korea conducts ballistic missile test or nuclear test, today’s proposal is to strengthen the Security Council Authorizes to take action. “Trump has given warningThis is not the first time that North Korea has been banned or threatened. Speaking in the United States in September this year, American President Donald Trump had threatened the North Korean ruler Kim Jong, who called him a ‘rocketman’ in a very strong sense.Threatening North Korea, Trump had said, “There is no interest in seeing nuclear weapons or missiles in the hands of these criminals of any country in the world.” America has immense power and patience, but if the US and its colleagues If we were forced to secure it, then we would have no choice but to completely destroy North Korea. The rocket would have lost their rule and Tmahtya to the campaign. “Both the ban and the missile test releasedBut Trump’s threat did not affect North Korea. In November, North Korea stained the Hwausong-15 missile. It was North Korea’s longest intercontinental ballistic missile.North Korea has conducted several missile tests in 2017. Despite UN sanctions, he is constantly testing.AFPOn February 12, North Korea fired a medium-range missile. After this, another mid-range missile was flown on the Sea of Japan on April 5. On July 4, North Korea claimed successful testing of the intercontinental ballistic missile, saying that the missile achieved a height of 2802 km.On August 29, North Korea fired another intercontinental ballistic missile It was considered North Korea’s first missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The missile passed over Japan to an altitude of 550 kilometres.On September 15th, North Korea had put another world in the can of the North by stamping a missile.After the launch of every missile in North Korea, the threats were severely threatened or restrictions were imposed in the United Nations. But North Korea’s missile program did not stop?This is the tenth restriction passed in the United Nations. So what’s the latest ban North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs will be able to stop?According to the BBC correspondent, diplomats believe that this fresh ban will hurt the North Korean nuclear or missile test. These restrictions passed by China’s support also reflect international concerns about North Korea. But do Kim Jong care about these concerns?


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