“Introduction and mental health. Low socioeconomic system, such


Most of the companies when
they success in the local market they want to expand internationally, to gain
more profit, to make global brand of their product. If the company decide to
enter foreign market. First they have to choose the potential company based on
the economy, market size, market price and so on. Second, they have to choose
the strategy. There are different types of strategies for instance exporting, licensing,
joint venture, acquisition and Greenfield. Depending on the costs, country and
benefits. We asked to expand our product which is quality dates internationally
and we select United States. We discussed the socio-economic, political and
cultural elements. Also the strategy of entering the foreign market.

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Potential country

The US can
offer good potential for dates, because there is large community of Arabs and
Muslims who values the dates according to their traditions. Another reason to
offer dates in the US is that there are some areas in Califronia are actually
suitable for growing dates because of their hot and desert climate such as,
Palm Springs. 

As for the
size of the market,one of the
largest country around the world is U.Swhich the population around 300 million . And it contains for nearly 25%
of global economic output.


Socioeconomic system affects
overall human performance, including the physical and mental health. Low
socioeconomic system, such as low educational achievement, poverty and poor
health, eventually affect the American society. Inequalities in health, source
distribution, and quality of life are rising in the United States and
internationally. Society avails from a raised focus on the fundamentals of
socioeconomic inequalities and effort to decrease the gaps in socioeconomic
status in the United States.

United States Culture

Because the US is the one of
the largest country, which the population is around 325 million and the
immigration from other countries, so, the United States is a variety culture

United States is once in a while showed as a ” melting pot ” in which varied societies have shared their own flavors to American
culture. Similarly as societies from around the world have influenced the American
culture, today American culture affects the world. The Western culture regularly
refers significantly to the way of life of U.S and Europe.

The way
people “melt” in the United States differs. In instance, in the US,
Spanish societies could use their own language and their family traditions, but
are combined in the urban society.


There is no formal delicate of the U.S, as per the U.S. government.
While relatively each language in the world is talked in the United States, the
languages that’s mostly talked not English languages are German, Spanish,
Chinese and French. 90% of the U.S. population talks in any incident some
English, and most authority business is directed in English.


each religion around the world is used in the U.S, which was built  based on religious opportunity. Around 71 %of
Americans their religion is Christians, as indicated by data assembled by the
Pew Research Centre, an unprejudiced research gathering, in 2017. The
exploration additionally found that around 23 % had no religious alliance at
all and around 6 % of the populace there religion is non-Christian.


Dressing styles fluctuate by social status, area, work and atmosphere. Calvin
Klein, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors are some outstanding
American brands.


American style is impacted by popular people and the social media, and
form deals break even with around $200 billion every year, as specified by a
paper distributed by Harvard University in 2007.


American cuisine was impacted by Native Americans and Europeans in its primary
history. Today, there are different nourishments that are normally called as American,
for example, burgers, potato chips, meat daydream, macaroni and cheddar.




United States is commonly noted some distance and huge as an inventor in vast
communications technology, such as TV and movies. As designated with the aid of
the US Bureau of trade, the U.S entails 33% of the overall media and media

television broadcasting enterprise grabbed preserve inside the United States in
mid fifties, and American television programs are currently shown far and huge.
The U.S moreover has a lively movement picture production, focused in
Hollywood, California, and American movies are well known around the world. The
U.S. film production earned $31 billion in profits in 2013, and is needed to
reach $771 billion by way of 2019, according to the U.S. department of

specialties tradition reaches out beyond movies and television applications,
but, New York is domestic to Broadway, and individuals have a wealthy artificial
history. American society craftsmanship is a masterful fashion and is related
to quilts and other hand-made things. American song is rather various with
severa, many patterns, inclusive of musicality and Shake “n” roll, jazz,
country, gospel, twang, hip bounce and western.


The US
is a games disapproved of country, with a huge variety of enthusiasts who take
after hockey, baseball and soccer amongst exclusive games. Baseball, which was
produced in provincial America and became a composed sport inside the mid 1800s,
is called the united states most loved interest, despite the truth that its
occurrence has been covered via soccer for so long as 3 decades, as indicated
via the Harris ballot.

U.S political system

The United States is an elected republic in which the
president, Congress, and elected courts share powers held to the countrywide
authorities as in line with its constitution. The country wide government
imparts power to the nation governments.

The respectable branch goes by way of the President and
is formally autonomous of each the governing frame and the criminal. The bureau
fills in as an arrangement of experts to the President. They comprise the vp
and leaders of the reliable divisions. Administrative power is vested in
the  assemblies of Congress, the Senate
and the residence of Representatives. The prison department (or prison),
constituted of the excellent courtroom and lower authorities courts, practices
felony strength. The legal’s potential is to decipher the usa charter and
authorities laws and controls. This includes settling debate among the
professional and administrative branches. The government’s shape is classified
in the charter.

gatherings, the Democratic birthday party and the Republican party, have
commanded American legislative problems because the American Civil warfare,
albeit littler gatherings exist, for instance, the Libertarian party, the green
celebration, and the constitution birthday party.

There are multiple real contrasts among the political
association of the usa and that of most different created vote based systems.
those incorporate extra distinguished electricity in the higher area of the
governing body, a more substantial extent of electricity held with the aid of
the preferred court, the department of forces among the council and the
legitimate, and the power of just two essential gatherings. Outsiders have less
political impact inside the US. than in different justly run created nations;
that is an immediate end result of a combination of stringent high-quality
controls. those controls come to fruition as state and government legal
guidelines, informal media forbiddances, and victor take-all races, and
comprise tally get to troubles and elite stage headed dialogue rules. There had
been five USA presidential decisions in which the champ misplaced the
well-known vote.

growth statistic

The US economy grew faster in the third quarter of 2017,
achieving its quickest jump in three years, expanding 3.2% growth rate, it is
the highest growth rate since the first quarter of 2015. The influence from
both personal consumption and net trade was lower than expected while spending
from government was revised much higher. Personal consumption expenditure
contributed 1.49% points to growth, services expanded 1.1%, and durable goods
8.6%, fixed investment added 0.40% points to growth. Meanwhile, exports went up
2.1% and imports dropped 0.7%. As a result, the impact from trade was reviewed
down from 0.43% to 0.36%.


entry strategy

We chose the strategy of Exporting because it is much
more efficient & cost effective in this case. Dates are long lasting
products, easy to store and package which works in our favor to avoid the often
substantial costs of establishing manufacturing operations in the host country.


-Advantages and disadvantages of exporting


Selling to customers outside of your region can change
and enhance your business drastically. There are risks and benefits a person
should consider. Extensive research or calculations should be done before
moving into overseas markets.


-Advantages of exporting:


Significantly expand your markets, you become less dependent on one

Greater production leads to larger economies of scale and better

Your research and development budget will increase as you might have to
modify existing products to suit new markets.


-Disadvantages of exporting:


Might lose focus on your home markets and existing loyal customers.

Higher Administration Costs to pay for export regulations when trading
outside the European Union.

More remote relationships because of distance.

Loss of control that you are used to at home.

Think of your new market differently to home market. Different customers
with different reasons for buying your products.

some ways exist to help you manage the risks of


-Advantages and disadvantages of using an overseas


A sales agent is an authorized person by you to act on
your behalf in the overseas market to sell your product and by introducing you
to customers who you supply. Agents again by getting commission for any sales
they make ranging from 2.5 per cent to 15 per cent. The best thing about hiring an overseas sales agent is
that you get the advantage of their extensive knowledge of the target market,
that is foreign to you.




1.    No need to burden the
recruitment, training and salaries costs of using your own employees to enter
an overseas market.

2.    An agent should be
able to identify and exploit opportunities.

3.    Your agent should
already have history of dealing with potential buyers – it will take you time
to build up your own contacts.

4.    Using an agent allows
you to have more control over things like final price & brand image –
compared with the option of using a distributor.




1.    You remain
responsible for shipping and other trade-related logistics.

2.    The agent might not
push your product as hard as you do.

3.    The agent might not
have the product in their priorities.

4.    The agent might not
understand the idea or meaning of the product the brand and the way we want it
to be represented and marketed.

5.    Arrangements to access to your
financial records or sales account as part of the commission payments process.

6.    Costumer service or
After-sales service is very difficult when not from the vendor himself but the
sale happens via an agent or intermediary.

7.    And the biggest
disadvantage in my opinion is that you will lose control over your brand image
and how you want to go about marketing it, as opposed to entering
the market yourself.


We chose the strategy of Exporting because it is much more efficient
& cost effective in this case. Dates are long lasting products, easy to
store and package which works in our favor to avoid the often substantial costs
of establishing manufacturing operations in the host country. Also, exporting
helps firms to achieve experience curve and location economies.



We are as group asked by the management of the company
which produces quality dates to select a country which is United State to expand
their business internationally. We mentioned culture, legal system and
socioeconomic of U.S.The strategy that’s we found it is more efficient and
effective which is  exporting the product
to U.S.


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