Johnny let English go astray, and in good

Johnny Englisch has been training in  Tibet ( China)following
a mission in Mozambique, he works for the  MI7. Under his new boss Pegases .he is on a
mission to investigate a plot to assassinate of the Chinese. During  scheduled talks with the Prime Minister.
He meets  the follow agent and old
acquaintance Simon Ambrose , MI7’s resident quartermaster, Patch Quartermain,
and junior agent Colin Tucker , who will be English’s new assistant. Supported by his new assistant Tucker,
Johnny leaves  Hong Kong to listen to the
informant (an old CIA agent). The  reveals that the attack on the Chinese prime
minister is being planned by a group of killers who call themselves
“Vortex”. To actually commit the murder, however, a key is needed.
Someone  shows that he has one of the
three pieces of this key in his possession. He is shot, however, by showing
this piece to English. Johnny takes the key back to London, but on his way to
England this is stolen from him. From a Russian double-spy of the KGB, Johnny
then wins the second part of the key, after the Russian has been mortally
wounded during a game of golf. The Russian has just told English that there is
a third accomplice, and that this is infiltrated in MI-7. English and Tucker
are trying to find out who this infiltrator is. Although Tucker has strong
indications that this must be top agent Simon Ambrose, let English go astray,
and in good faith he even gives Ambrose his second piece of key. English itself
is suspected of being this spy, and he has to flee for his life. Then he goes
back to a restaurant to talk with Simon Ambrose. Trucker said that Simon
Ambrose the third Vortex was but Johnny Englisch didn’t believe Trucker. But
Trucker was right. So they Start to fight in the toilets but then a gentleman
come. If he was gone they start the fight again but Johnny Englisch sent
Trucker home because Trucker said that Simon Ambrose the third Vortex was. Then
Johnny Englisch give the 1/3 off the key so now Simon Ambrose had the whole
key. English flight to the home of Kate Sumner. Together with her, Johnny
discovers a connection between Mozambique’s five-year murder, and the Vortex
group of contract killers. The three key pieces are needed to gain access to a
narcotic, which played a major role in Mozambique, and is now likely to do so
again. The anesthetic means that the person who takes it in, apathises for a
few minutes what you say, and then falls down dead. For example, Vortex can
have someone else commit a murder, without ever being caught. Together with
Tucker, English tries to prevent the narcotic drug from being used, but
inadvertently receives the drug itself. Simon Ambrose makes use of this and
gives English the order to kill the Chinese prime minister. Thanks to the
training he has had from the monks in Tibet, he knows how to resist and even
overcome the means. The Chinese prime minister has been saved. Simon Ambrose
initially sees a chance to flee, but after a wild chase, English knows how to
blow up his opponent at the very last moment.Because of the good outcome of the
adventure they decided to English to the nobility again, but this is in the
soup because English looks at the queen for a contract murderer in disguise. He
hooks her leg and strikes her with a tray


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