The than whites. The NYPD conducted a research

The American Dream, the land of
opportunities; the idea that everyone who works hard deserves equality, the
opportunity to grow and have a better life full with happiness, however the
minorities are not treated equally and are barely given the opportunities to
have a better life. Throughout history, it can be seen that America, as a
nation has been profiling people based on their race and ethnicity, which in
today’s date will be considered discriminating against races. The impact of
racial profiling can still be seen in the criminal justice system, with
officer’s deciding which group should be arrested based on his or her own views
of each race.

the article, “Race, Trust & Police Legitimacy” by the National Institute of
Justice, it explains the outcome of the racial profiling; how minority have
given up hope on the police departments because of the experiences they went
through (2016). Having trust on the criminal justice system is very important
for it to work effectively. According to studies done by the Mapping Police
Violence in 2017, state that black people are more likely to be killed by
police officer during interactions than whites.

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NYPD conducted a research that stated that out of 4.4 millions stop and frisk
searches done in 2004 to 2012, eighty-three percentage of those were black and
hispanics. The studies also state that according to the Department of Justice,
research shows that more than half of the cases in Seattle Police Department
that did not require excessive use of force against minorities (2018). Even
though, according to the Mapping Police Violence, in 2016, whites were
arrest more than black people, however when it comes to the interaction,
Polices tend to be more tolerable with white people and non-tolerable with

            For example in the case of Brown v.

the City of Colorado Springs, where police officers handcuffed, searched at
gunpoint and also Taser point without any legal reason. Ryan and Benjamin Brown
were driving a block away from their home, primarily in a white community when
they were stopped and searched. They were never given an explanation to why
they were being searched and detained, no matter how many times they asked. At
one point, Ryan Brown started recording from his cell phone and asked for the
reason and he was answered in silent. They both were being cooperative with the
police officers but still the Police officer dragged them out of the car and
face down in the snow, saying that they are only searching for weapons. After
the reason was done and no evidence of weapon or drug was found, the police
officer threw away Ryan’s phone on the snow (ACLU, 2018).

the Brown filled an official complain against the department, he received a
brief letter explaining that, the search was, “justified, legal and proper”. The
American Civil Liberties Union, who believed that this case is an example of, ” of the police department’s custom and practice of
engaging in racially-biased policing and carrying out groundless, racially-motivated
stops and searches” (ACLU, 2018). The case is still on going and the
ACLU is seeking for a compensatory for the injustice.

to the article, “Race, Trust & Police
Legitimacy” by the National Institute of Justice, building trust and a mutual
understanding between the minority communities and the police officers are
necessary for the improvement of law enforcement and for it to work efficiency.

It is should be mandatory for Officers to get educated on how to avoid racial
profiling and to be more reasonable with probable cause before arresting based
on their beliefs.



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