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There are multiple businesses being sustained by undocumented immigrants that would collapse if a mass deportation was conducted. Majority of the time citizens and legal immigrants go for higher paying jobs, and illegal immigrants go for the lower paying jobs because they don’t require such documents saying they are allowed to work here in the U.S. Additionally, since Donald Trump is trying to get rid of DACA, thats millions and millions of dollars going being taken from us, due to there being more than 800 thousand undocumented students here in the U.S. According to John W. Schoen from CNBC, DACA deportations could cost the U.S more than $400 billion dollars. Overall I believe that since our former president, Barack Obama came up with the idea to keep all who qualify for DACA in the U.S. our new president Donald Trump is willing to risk it all to get rid of the good other presidents did for us and our country. Over the next decade, our economy will change drastically by trying to get rid of young DACA students, which is costing a lot of people their jobs. Without immigrants the U.S. will be facing difficult times trying to improve the economy, society and will cause international confilicts. America is supposed to be the best place to be, but it is kind of hard to be here with so many people who dislike them for their skin tone, race, or religon. Eventually there are going to be riots and so many problems here in America that even citizens of the U.S aren’t going to want to be here. Although there is alot of hatred people have to find a living for themselves and their family. Usually illegal immigrants take the jobs no other U.S citizen will want. However, the job would need to taken up by someone else, and there aren’t many people who are willing to do backbreaking work for a low wage. With all the jobs that need to be done, no citizen would step up and take it. If it wasn’t for the immigrants we wouldn’t have the fruits and vegetables we have today.


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