To this case are the board members, staff,

To further analyze this
case, first we must identify the stake holders in the situation. Stake holders
in this case, are the people invested in Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein
Company. We must also see that there are two different types of stakeholders,
primary and secondary stakeholders. Primary stakeholders for this case are the
board members, staff, volunteers, employees or any investor. Weinstein’s
primary stakeholders were directly affected by these allegations, one-third of
the company’s directors resigned. Thus leaving them with four remaining board
members, one of which is Harvey Weinstein’s brother Bob Weinstein. Companies
like WPP which is a holding group that has been invested with Harvey’s Company
since 2005 have also been affected. Meaning, “the WPP holding group
relationship with the Weinstein Company is up in the air”(Coffe). Secondary
stakeholders with the company in this case, are the people who are impacted by
the company such as clients, community partners, and others. Secondary
stakeholders with the company were affected in this situation as well.
Secondary stakeholders showed their strengths in comparison to Harvey Weinstein
when The New York Times posted an article giving light to accusers thus
bringing down Harvey Weinstein in the process. The capital for the stakeholders
in this case are interests or shares that they have in the Weinstein company.
The threat for the Weinstein Company now, is that they could lose more business
and would never be able to recover from these accusations with their primary
and secondary stakeholders. Opportunities for the stakeholders in this case are
limited due to these accusations damaging the company image going forward. Any
action that would change their image in a positive way should be taken
advantage of. Thus, helping to rebuild a productive working relationship with
their stakeholders in the future. One challenge that the stakeholders pose
would be to challenge the Weinstein Company to clean up their image after the
accusations. Hearing of the accusations, people and other businesses are more
likely to separate themselves from the business. Separation of individuals,
organizations and politicians with Weinstein over the course of his career have
already started to take place.

            As a company there are many
economic, legal and ethical responsibilities that are typically observed, but
are not always in this situation. Based on the accusations it is clear that
legal responsibilities were not applied, the accusers and reporters were
treated illegally. If these accusations are true they should have been taken
directly to the authorities.  Harvey’s
brother Bob Weinstein allegedly paid off two of the  accusers throughout his career. By doing so,
Bob Weinstein participated in an act known as bribery, being illegal and
unethical. Based on the accusation, Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein company
also showed no ethical responsibilities. The accusers should have been able to
have a work environment that was free of sexual harassment. The Weinstein
Company should have known that discriminating against an employee based on sex
or gender in the workforce is unethical and illegal. If by chance other
employees or members associated with the company had knowledge of the assaults,
they also should have taken responsibility and reported these accusations.
Weinstein company has not lived up to their responsibilities financially,
failing to meet their economic responsibilities. Insiders estimate that the
Weinstein Company not only lost a key stakeholder in Thomas Barrack’s and his
private equity firm Colony Capital, but has a debt load of roughly $520 million
as well. Thomas Barrack stated, “No one is interested in salvaging a
company which would benefit Harvey,” (Faughnder). This statement shows
that the Weinstein Company could be in more trouble financially in the future.
The legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities do not have tension. There is
no tension because this case is based on sexual harassment accusations. If the
Weinstein company performed their ethical and legal responsibilities it would
not stop them from being economically responsible

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